Benefits of Working at the Dan’l Webster / Hearth ‘n Kettle

Listed below are some benefits that are available to you as an employee of the Dan’l Webster / Hearth ‘n Kettle.

  1. Vacations
  2. All full time employees who have worked for one year and an average of 25 hours per week are entitled to one week’s paid vacation. After two years, you will receive two weeks. After ten years, you will receive three weeks.

  3. Insurance
  4. Employees who have been with the Company for at least 3 months and work 30 hours or more may participate in our insurance plan at the group rates. The plan includes medical, dental, and life insurance.

  5. 401(k)
  6. All employees who have worked for one year and an average of 20 hours per week are eligible for our 401 (k) program. Each week, eligible employees can put money away into the savings program and the company will also make a contribution.

  7. Meal Plan
  8. Excellent meals are provided at a nominal charge to all employees while they are working.

  9. Employee Discount Card
  10. All employees are provided with an Employee Discount Card. The card allows you and your guests a 15% discount on meals in any of our restaurants and also allows you a 15% discount on your purchases at the Dan’l Webster and John Carver Inn gift shops.

  11. Discounted Auto Insurance
  12. All employees are eligible for our discounted automobile insurance program.

  13. Direct Deposits
  14. Allows for direct deposits into checking, savings, or Christmas Club accounts.

  15. Free Uniforms
  16. All uniforms are provided free of charge to our employees.

  17. Social Activities
  18. The Company sponsors several sports teams (softball, bowling, etc.) and our lavish employee party is a very special event.

  19. Loyalty

We believe in our employees! We will do what ever we can to help you.

In addition to all these great benefits, the Dan’l Webster / Hearth ‘n Kettle also offers another very important benefit…The chance to grow with in the Company. We prefer to promote from our existing working team of employees.

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