Hearth 'n Kettle Restaurants - Cape Cod Dining since 1973
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Hearth 'n Kettle ~ Cape Cod Fresh.
Hearth 'n Kettle ~ Cape Cod Fresh.

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Hearth 'n Kettle ~ Cape Cod Fresh.

Wholesome food
thoughtfully prepared
...H ’n K Approved

Since 1973, Hearth ’n Kettle has remained true to its original concept:
a restaurant that serves hearty, wholesome, great tasting meals, at reasonable prices, in a warm, friendly atmosphere. In the world of casual dining restaurants, we’re not the lowest price, and we’re fine with that. Often being the lowest price means that either the quality of the ingredients, or the time that goes into preparation, is being compromised. That’s just not H ’n K. Instead, we strive to be the “best value”- a delicate balance between wholesomeness, taste and price.

We evaluate each and every menu item against these three criteria to determine if it is
H ’n K Approved” before we will consider adding it to our menu:

#1 Wholesome
We are committed to making as many ingredients as possible fresh, nutritious, locally grown, organic, hormone-free, antibiotic-free and free of artificial preservatives. Our chefs must create the meal fresh in-house, rather than reheat something that was pre-made in a factory or commissary

#2 Great Tasting
We must be passionate about the menu item. It has to be something that we would be proud to serve to our families and friends.

#3 Competitively Priced
The ingredients and procedures must allow the menu item to be sold at a reasonable price.

Each item on our menu has been tested by our executive chef, purchasing director, menu committee and the H ’n K owners. Only if it meets all three criteria will it be designated “H ’n K Approved”.

We want you to always be able to trust
Hearth ’n Kettle.

  • TRAINED CHEFS who prepare your meal from scratch
  • FRESH INGREDIENTS delivered daily
  • HEALTHY CHOICES including Organic selections
  • BREAKFAST all day with over 40 choices!
  • FRIENDLY STAFF to welcome & serve you

Hearth 'n Kettle ~ Cape Cod Fresh.

Paintings by Karen Fitzgerald Buckley of Cotuit.