Hearth 'n Kettle Restaurants - Cape Cod Dining since 1973
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Hearth 'n Kettle ~ Cape Cod Fresh.
Hearth 'n Kettle ~ Cape Cod Fresh.

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Hearth 'n Kettle ~ Cape Cod Fresh.

In our thirty four years of "Cape Cod Cooking," the Hearth 'n Kettle family has strived to create a wholesome and hearty cooking style which is a mixture of original and traditional recipes.

The Cape Cod Fresh ingredients are what make the H 'n K so unique.  Trained Chefs, Fresh Produce, Healthy Oils and Familiar Faces at your local Hearth 'N Kettle Restaurant.All our restaurants are serving Cape Cod Fresh breakfast, lunch and dinner for your dining convenience:

  • Trained Chefs: Each with an average of 9.65 years experience who make over 1,000 Hearth 'n Kettle recipes from scratch
  • Daily Deliveries of fresh produce, seafood and baked goods
  • Our Concern for your health: We use healthy ingredients including Trans Fat-Free frying oil (our choice since May 2006)
  • Familiar Faces: Employee turnover is 29% lower than the national average, so chances are you’ll know your server!
  • Organic Chicken, Salmon, and Salad are now available

Hearth 'n Kettle ~ Cape Cod Fresh.

Paintings by Karen Fitzgerald Buckley of Cotuit.