Direct Online Reservation System  
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developed BY accommodation owners
FOR accommodation owners


DORS Company Information

DORS was developed by The Catania Hospitality Group (CHG) in 2003 and 2004 for their three hospitality properties in Massachusetts, including two on Cape Cod, and has proved highly successful for them. That success, well above the Group's initial hopes, led to the decision to share it with other lodging businesses, thus leading to the current commercial version being offered today.

The Catania Hospitality Group has been active in its local Chamber of Commerce for many years, and the DORS success naturally extended to the development of a version for Chamber use, called PortalDORS. This system allows all lodging business members of the Chamber to list their properties, along with room and amenities descriptions, and rate ranges, on the Chamber web site, with a link to the members' reservation booking page. Chamber members are able to do so with another product, EntryDORS, a system designed and built for lodging businesses who do not need the full-featured DORS system, and who simply wish to participate in a local PortalDORS account.

If you are a Chamber of Commerce or a locale portal interested in a PortalDORS system, or a member of a Chamber or a regional portal wishing to learn more about the EntryDORS system, please visit, for a full product description and a demo tour of each. To see a "live" PortalDORS system in operation, you may visit the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce ( under the Accommodations menu.

The Catania Hospitality Group is committed to the finest direct online reservation system possible, and development of the product continues in a constant progress of new features as well as enhancements to existing features. After all, it has everything to do with CHG's own lodging business success. That online success will be yours, too, when you become a member of the DORS family.