Direct Online Reservation System  
  The ONLY web-based online reservation system
developed BY accommodation owners
FOR accommodation owners


DORS is a feature rich online reservation system, easy for your guests to use, and easy for you to manage. In a password-protected back end, you will be able to fully customize your guests' experience when booking their stay at your facility.

  • Manage your room presentation with editable descriptive text and photographs

  • Manage your initial room availability, and the system will take care of the rest as rooms are booked and deducted from room inventory

  • Manage your room rates completely

  • Create and Manage Special Packages and Hot Deals

  • Create and edit confirmation emails to your guests

  • Accept and process credit card information and charges at the time reservations are booked by your guests automatically

  • Store all guest information in your system database, including email addresses for future email newsletter campaigns, for instance

  • Generate reports daily, weekly, monthly, for all aspects of your system activity, including bookings and financials

These are just a few of the features you'll find so easy to manage in DORS. The system comes with a detailed and written-in-English Help Manual built right into the back end for your easy access. Remember, this system was developed by accommodations business owners for use with their own properties... we understand your needs and the system shows it.

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